Top 9 Things to Do While Stoned

03 March 2010 Under: Featured, Funny, Lists

Top 9 Things to Do While Stoned

Hey Bro, I know you ladies were thrilled at my Top 9 Things to NOT to do While Stoned, so I decided to do the opposite. Thats right, Top 9 Things to Do WHILE Stoned!

Top 9 Things to Do While Stoned Part Two

Top 9 Things to Do While Stoned

39,271 Stoners can now uhh.. Can now.. Umm.. Hahahahahahahahahah Yeaaah Maaan!

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  • archer

    The chicks are HOT!!! But the whole thing is boring…every stoner probably knows what you wrote.

  • archer

    and buy your self a beer

  • Linda

    Best food Ever… Trader joes blueberry frozen waffles cook em, put on some peanut butter then scoop 1-3 different types of ice cream onto waffle Eat and Enjoy! seriously try it!!

  • scott

    Great overall stories i enjoyed your chip fetish friend
    tell him to take a hike.

  • Justin

    I flipped shit at number 5. Almost every time me and my friends smoke we play Super Smash Bros. and here I was starting to think we were weird for it lol. I raise my blunt to you good sir.

  • boo

    beavis and butthead for snes or twisted metal 2 for ps1, fuck yes

  • lol

    lol i swear i kno that chick in the second to the bottom in the collum to the right looks exactly like my gf like seriously.

  • Kushkandi

    Actually I disagree with sex. I think sex isn’t as good when Im stoned. And stoned females get cotton mouth if you get my drift. Sex is just too awkward when stoned.

  • Cannon17grey

    going to rightnow man!

  • Daivddavid664

    smoke weed forever and die.

  • Natalie

    Stoners don’t give a fuck if you think it’s bad.

  • Bryan494


  • guest

    all i know is that their is nothing like taking a long drive with a quarter and a pack of zig-zags especially if its a summer evening

  • scott lee

    lol can any one send me ssome weed in the mail

  • Hahaha

    Dude, I’m totally stoned and that last pic of the blonde in the bottom right corner is freaking me the fuck out as if she has two heads. lol

  • Guest

    blue chesse

  • dahulk

    FIFA FIFA FIFA FIFA and yaaa man FIFA

  • Derekobrien1978

    Kudos – she is hot.

  • Derekobrien1978

    Video games, cartoons, sex. In that order.

  • Samlatkinson

    well that sucks for you